Words of Affirmation

Carmelle offers a standard of trauma-informed care that is difficult to come by. I often leave Carmelle’s office with a feeling of gratitude. She is knowledgeable, skillful, listens compassionately, and engages thoughtfully with my wishes and concerns. She is a true therapeutic ally, and a gifted care provider
— M.M

“Carmelle is a very skilled acupuncturist. She helped me through the end of a difficult pregnancy, including helping with an induction. I highly recommend this amazing healer!” -E.C

“I was referred to Carmelle by a coworker for my chronic shoulder issues and I was blown away by the result from my first treatment. I immediately felt relief (which is something I hadn't been able to find for years.)I have seen many practitioners in the past of all sorts of modalities, but Carmelle was the only one to have such a direct impact on my pain so quickly. I immensely recommend Carmelle; she is an amazing practitioner and person who loves what she does.” -C.L

“Acupuncture hasn't always been a practise that has appealed to me but Carmelle's treatments are gentle, enjoyable and effective. It feels like a treat to spend time in Carmelle's cocoon of a clinic room. With her insightful observations and gentle treatments, I felt refreshed, cared for and that my health was nurtured.” -R.G

“I have been seeing Carmelle for a few years for neck and tension issues from working in front of a computer all day. It has been helpful for releasing tension and for general maintenance.
Also great with kids! She introduced both my kids to acupuncture, just to try it out while they were younger. They are always excited to go in for a treatment and always come out super calm and relaxed “ -S.D

“I can honestly say that Carmelle has helped support my healing on so many levels, and bring my body and health to a much better place. Her style makes me feel safe and supported, and I feel so respected by her. She is so attuned and clear that she is able to get to the root of complex health conditions and provide treatments that move towards healing and relief from long-held, complex ailments. She is an involved healer and puts a lot into a treatment session. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone, cannot express enough how much of an acupuncture wizard she is.” - D.S

“Carmelle is an incredibly professional and intuitive practitioner. She grounds her practice in her knowledge, her skill and her empathic and attentive way of caring for others. Starting sessions with Carmelle was the first time I went to acupuncture to address emotional healing and Carmelle has been instrumental in helping me on a healing journey that has taken me to the grounded place I am in today. “ -A.J

“I have known Carmelle personally and through her profession for many years now. She has a way of making you feel calm, heard, and cared for. The treatments I have had with her have always been extremely thorough, where I not only feel a difference physically but also often come away learning something new about my body. She is understanding, patient, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. I have always left her studio feeling refreshed and relaxed. I would highly recommend seeing Carmelle for an acupuncture treatment whether it be for a specific health concern or just overall wellbeing.” - B.W.

“I have been a client with Carmelle since she started her practice. She is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable as an acupuncturist. Carmelle listens to you and asks great questions in her assessment to ensure she provides the best care. She will check in with you at the beginning and end of each treatment and will ensure she is available to maintain a healthy treatment plan. Such a great experience. I highly recommend Carmelle to friends and family or others that ask.” - C.B

"You leave the clinic with a sense of comfort, &  a deeper understanding of how you tick as an individual. Carmelle shows you how to reconnect with your body, mind & spirit, providing a grounding sense of calm & security. Acupuncture is an amazing experience. " A.N

"I've always had strong allergic reactions to pollen during the spring & summer seasons, I decided to try acupuncture from Carmelle, as an alternative to my continuous use of allergy medication. The results were fantastic, after a few sessions, my symptoms were reduced immensenly, my congestion was almost non existent, I could breathe clearly and my eyes no longer bothered me as they normally would from an allergic reaction to pollen. I highly recommend her!" P.J.

“I have been working with Carmelle to address issues with stress and reduce my menopausal systems rather than taking medications or HRT. As a practitioner she was both extremely knowledgeable and professional. She took great care in my evaluation and in assessing my needs before each treatment." C.B.